There are so many amazing things to love about the fall season. As soon as the leaves begin to turn color and that slight chill replaces the sweltering summer heat, you know good things are in store.
Why is fall our favorite season of the year? We can think of ten pretty compelling reasons.Happy young dad and son having fun, nature, evening, sunset, fat

  1. Pumpkin everything. From pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin bagels and traditional pumpkin pie, fall is the time when pumpkin reigns supreme.
  2. Sweater weather. While it hasn’t quite reached arctic conditions during fall in Arizona, it’s practically encouraged to reach for that cardigan on those chillier nights.
  3. Halloween. As dental professionals, you’d probably think we have a bias against this ghoulish holiday, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We love trick-or-treating just as much as the next person!
  4. Fall movies. It’s hard to get off the couch when television channels play endless streams of Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus and Ernest Scared Stupid. This is family entertainment in its finest form.
  5. Captivating smells. Warmed apple pie, the faint smell of clove and the fresh air after a spout of rain – these are some of the wonderful scents you’ll find in fall.
  6. Haunted Houses. For those who find themselves looking for a good fright around Halloween, the Phoenix area has no shortage of spooky attractions. Dare to be scared!
  7. Hot chocolate. It’s hard to justify drinking any warm beverage during summer, despite how delicious hot chocolate is known to be. Now is the time!
  8. Leaf piles. There isn’t a child or puppy under the sun who doesn’t love a good leaf pile!
  9. Costumes. Around Halloween time is the perfect occasion to dress like a goof, relish the opportunity!
  10. Rauch Family Dental. It’s the perfect time of year to visit your dentist and take care of your smile! Get 2015 started on the right foot.