Boy, time sure flies! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we’re feeling the holiday spirit. In order to commemorate the season of giving, we’re putting together a list of things we most appreciate. Check it out!

  1. Coffeethanksgiving 2014

How did life exist before the advent of coffee? It’s hard to imagine greeting the morning sun without a piping hot cup of dark roast in hand. No matter how you take it, the appreciation is universal!

  1. Pets

It’s commonly been said that pets enrich our lives – we’re curious if the same person who said this ever came home to their futon completely torn apart. Minor destruction aside, we love our four-legged pals like they’re family.

  1. AZ Weather

While the rest of the country thinks we’re crazy for living in a desert, temperatures exceeding 110 degrees Fahrenheit during summer – longtime residents are intimately familiar with perfect weather the rest of the year. Besides, they invented AC for a reason, right?

  1. Family & Friends

The people whom we break bread with are what make the world go round. There’s nothing we appreciate more than those special individuals who share life & laughs with us.

  1. Binge Watching TV Shows

One of the modern miracles of the digital age, binge watching our favorite television shows is now something we couldn’t live without. Just one more episode, we swear!

  1. Home Cooked Meals

Is there anything better than Mom’s specialty meatloaf? Seeing familiar dishes around the table overloads the joy senses.

  1. Great Books

We’ve always been bookworms, and there’s truly nothing like a great book to stir the creative soul.

  1. Road Trips

Grab a bag of chips, something to wash them down with, and call ‘shotgun’ – is there anything better than hitting the open road?

  1. Starry Nights

Camping in areas of Arizona makes for some of the best scenery you’ll ever find in the night sky. Sometimes it’s great to leave it all behind.

  1. Our Valued Patients

This holiday season, we’re also most appreciative for our valued patients.