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When Should My Baby Visit the Dentist?

There are many precious firsts in your child’s life. First food, first word, first tooth. You know the power of making memories with your child as they experience each first, so why not make one more? If you ever have wondered: “When should my baby visit the dentist?” the answer is, soon. This is one… Read more


Going to the Dentist While Pregnant

It’s a common occurrence among women who discover that they’re pregnant to forego their regular dental checkup. A common belief is that going to the dentist while pregnant isn’t safe. Today, your Rauch family dentist is here to debunk this myth once and for all. Not only is it safe, it’s vitally important that expecting mothers… Read more

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Brushing Teeth with Kids

As parents, we know that teaching our children good habits is an ongoing process, and getting them to stick to anything besides video games can be challenging.  We also know that some habits are so important to their health that we’ve got to press on, even when they fight us.  Brushing regularly is one of… Read more

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Dental Topics for Expecting Mothers

Have you recently discovered that there will be a new addition to your family? Of course, it’s always important to take great care of your teeth and gums, but if you’ve recently discovered that you’re pregnant, it’s even more important. The hormonal changes caused by pregnancy actually increase the risk of developing gum disease, which… Read more

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How Often Should My Child See the Dentist?

So your little one’s got a full set of chompers now and it’s time he or she joins the ranks of people who eat solid foods. It’s also time to learn great oral care habits that will ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Your child’s first dentist visit should be before his or… Read more

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Learn the basics of toddler dental care

Each February, the American Dental Association sponsors National Children’s Dental Health Month to raise awareness of the importance of oral health. Developing good dental habits must start young – even when children are still toddlers. If you have a toddler, we wanted to share some tips to help you give them a lifetime of healthy… Read more

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