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Sports Safety: Preventing Dental Injuries

Sports Injuries account for up to 39% of all dental injuries in children. But sports are healthy for children to learn character, teamwork, discipline, and a host of other lessons they won’t learn the same way anywhere else. So what is a parent to do? Preventing Injuries Is Better than Treating Them Taking the time… Read more

Remedies for Mouth Sores

Some of us know mouth sores and canker sores all too well. You feel one coming on and you know you’re doomed for a week of painful eating and brushing, and sometimes downright misery. But what remedies can treat these unwanted sores, and potentially prevent them from forming? What Causes Mouth Sores? Canker sores are… Read more

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DIY Remedies for Dry Mouth

Called xerostomia by the professional name-givers, dry mouth occurs when saliva production is halted or inhibited. Dry mouth can be caused by several different factors, and it’s often an side effect of medication. More than being an inconvenience, a chronically dry mouth can cause more severe health problems, including tooth decay. If you do have… Read more

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The Truth Behind Fluoride in the Water Supply

For several years, people have argued over whether or not fluoridation of public water sources is safe and has the best interests of the public in mind. Water fluoridation is the addition of chemical fluoride to community water supplies for the sake of reducing the occurrence of cavities in the population. Fluoridation officially became a… Read more

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Should I Be Using Mouthwash?

We all know the importance of brushing and flossing twice a day, but you may not have thought about the importance of using mouthwash as part of your oral care routine. Of course, it works well as an instant breath freshener, but your oral rinse could be doing more for you than just taming bad… Read more

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Brushing Teeth with Kids

As parents, we know that teaching our children good habits is an ongoing process, and getting them to stick to anything besides video games can be challenging.  We also know that some habits are so important to their health that we’ve got to press on, even when they fight us.  Brushing regularly is one of… Read more

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Tips for Healthy Teeth While You Sleep

You spend all day making sure your teeth are in great shape, that you brush and floss regularly and that you stay away from sugary treats (at least most of the time), but what can you do to make sure your teeth stay healthy while you’re asleep? There are three musts for making sure your… Read more

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