Children’s Dentistry

It is recommended that you bring your child in for a dental checkup when he or she is about two, so that your child can become familiar with the sights, sounds, and friendly helpers in our dental office. We call this a “Happy Visit”. Your child’s independent checkup at age three, will involve a tooth-by-tooth inspection and periodontal exam. Our dentist will check for proper development, as well as tooth decay and other areas of concern.

As your child grows, he or she will need regular checkups and hygiene visits to ensure optimal oral health. Our team will also teach oral homecare techniques so that your child can learn how to effectively brush and floss, with your help at first, then on his or her own. Our dentist may recommend dental sealants or fluoride supplements.  Sealants are thin, clear coatings that protect hard-to-clean back teeth from the sugars that cause tooth decay. Fluoride attracts other minerals to strengthen tooth enamel and ward off cavities. Because most bottled water does not contain fluoride, your child may be deficient in this essential mineral. Sealants and fluoride supplements are quick and easy protective measures that can save your little one from cavities. Our team will also give you dietary tips that can improve your child’s oral health! Let us help your children learn the importance of optimal oral health from a young age. In some cases, we refer children to Pedodontists, who are specialists in children’s dentistry. We will help you make the best choices for your child’s unique and precious personality.


Often times early detection and treatment of orthodontic conditions can lead to easier and more ideal treatment outcomes.  While children are still growing, we are often able to guide their growth so there is adequate space for adult teeth to erupt into the mouth. By guiding this growth early, we can often prevent more complex treatment and even surgery in the future.   If you feel like your child may have help with his or her smile, call our office for a consultation.

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