The holiday season sure knows how to elicit some crazy decoration displays. With the transition to cool weather and all of those delicious pumpkin goodies, it’s hard to blame people for being so gung-ho about fall. Of course, some people show of their stuff better than others.
halloween 2014
Here are some of the absolute craziest Halloween decorations we’ve ever encountered, thanks to the magic of the Internet. Buckle up!
This Giant Scarecrow
This three-story tall pumpkin scarecrow really puts all others of its kind to shame. Guaranteed to provide enough spookiness for a three mile radius, this proud owner is seriously dedicated to the craft – this thing functions like a statue to his Halloween spirit!
The Ghostbuster House
Talk about a blast from the past! This house makes no secret to its admiration for the classic 80s flick starring Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd. All the people stopping in the street for a photo op must have create a serious road hazard!
The Roswell Crime Scene
This house transformed into an eerie Roswell scene, where aliens have crash landed to earth. Make sure to tell the younger trick-or-treaters that Archie the Alien is only snoozing!
Movie Monster Yard
Combine the elements of major movie monster flicks and you’ve got yourself the blueprint for a seriously awesome Halloween setup. We’re not quite sure how you go about building a King Kong or tyrannosaurus-rex, but it sure looks like it was worth the trouble.
8-Legged Freak Show
Avert your gaze, those who are squeamish around arachnids – this is not the place you want to find yourself on Halloween night! Still, despite crippling bug phobias, you have to admire the amount of work that went into making this Halloween display come to life. Well done, you crazy folks!