How much do you know about custom mouth guards? What might seem like an inconvenience to your everyday life might actually be the key to protecting your oral health long term. custom mouth guard az
We constantly threaten the integrity of our teeth without realizing it – from obvious conditions like playing contact sports to less apparent varieties like sleeping every night. A custom mouth guard is a reliable way to keep your teeth protected from the elements, especially the ones we never saw coming.
A custom mouth guard designed by the knowledgeable team at Rauch Family Dentistry can do a lot of remarkable things for your teeth. This thin plastic dental device is sturdy enough to function like a protective shield to your enamel, without compromising comfort. After a quick adjustment period you’ll never notice it’s there during use, because it’s designed for the unique contours of your mouth – no one else’s.
Do you consider yourself an active body? Dental injuries are some of the most common related injuries when it comes to sports. It only takes one misplaced elbow or knock of the hand to fracture your tooth – it’s essential you keep yourself protected on the playing field. Your custom mouth guard will quickly become just as essential as safety gear like a helmet – and it never interferes with how you play.
Another exceptional use for a custom mouth guard is for treating bruxism, a conditioned characterized by frequent grinding of the teeth. Bruxism typically occurs during the time that we’re asleep, meaning there’s little you can do to consciously keep yourself protected. Your mouth guard prevents damage that occurs to teeth through grinding, even serious conditions like fracturing. It’s so comfortable and natural-fitting, you’ll never notice it’s there when you turn out the light!
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