FamilyThe Madness is upon us! As you probably know, March is a big month for basketball fans and activities revolve largely around game schedules and basketball parties. Whether you are a Sun Devil or a Wildcat, or even if you aren’t a huge basketball fan, the excitement of watching the game with a few friends is contagious.
So what if your kid is not really the basketball type, or simply can’t focus on the game for very long? Even if all of your kids are not focused on the games, there are plenty of activities and crafts that will keep them occupied. Here are a few fun activities you can have them do:

  • Match the Mascot to the School. Print a list of your Top 10 schools and pictures of their mascots and see if everyone can match them up! For your pre-readers cut the school name and mascot picture apart like puzzle pieces and let them find the perfect matches.
  • Pin the school on the map. Tack up a U.S. map and sneak in a geography lesson. Have kids find the towns where the colleges playing are located, and have them research the connection that the team’s mascot has to its location. Don’t forget to find on the map the locations of where the games are played.
  • It’s about the bracket baby! No NCAA tourney is complete without filling out a bracket. Print out some brackets and allow everyone to complete their own bracket. You can also start a private group online, and scoring will be kept for you. The fun and excitement in your house will increase with each game.
  • Randomly choose teams. Each family member can draw from a hat to choose up to four teams. Since it is random you will find yourself cheering for teams which you may have never chosen.
  • Play the game together. There is no better time to get your child engaged in sports, particularly basketball, than during a national or world championship. Find a gym or outdoor court and engage in a family friendly game of basketball.

March Madness will surely bring some great games, big plays, and buzzer beaters. Enjoy them all, and be intentional about making it a fun, family experience.