Oral Cancer Screening

What is an oral cancer screening?

An oral cancer screening is a fast and easy way for your dentist to check your mouth for any signs of oral cancer. Dentists typically perform a screening during a routine visit as standard practice. It’s important for your dentist to perform an oral cancer screening during a visit in order to catch any possible cancer before it worsens or spreads.

What to expect during an oral cancer screening:

First, you will be asked to remove any dentures or partials if wearing any. Your dentist will then inspect your neck, throat, and inside your mouth. In some cases, dentists will use a special dye to detect any abnormalities. This test is primarily used for patients who believe they have a higher risk of oral cancer due to the use of tobacco or excessive use of alcohol.

How to check for oral cancer at home:oral cancer screening in mesa, az

You can begin screening yourself for oral cancer in the comfort of your own home. Warning signs for
oral cancer include the following:

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Chronic sore throat
  • Red or white patches within your mouth or gums
  • Change in texture within your mouth or gums
  • Lump in neck – especially one that does not bother you
  • Pain in ear or mouth

When should you schedule an oral cancer screening?

Typically, an oral cancer screening can be performed to anyone who thinks they might be at risk. It’s especially important, however, to schedule an oral cancer screening if you smoke cigarettes, use chewing tobacco or snus, heavily use alcohol, or have had any sort of previous cancer diagnosis.

If you think you are showing symptoms of oral cancer and are interested in an oral cancer screening,
contact us as soon as possible.

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