There’s nothing quite like finding that little antique or unique item that you know is one-of-a-kind. You could shop at Target or another one of the big box stores, but there is something to the “thrill of the hunt” when shopping. If this sounds like you then look no further than the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet, a “recreational shopping” event that occurs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Mesa Market Place Features

The Mesa Market Place Swap Meet features over 1600 shopping spaces and over a mile of great small businesses and shops. Local businesses from all across the valley hail to the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet to peddle their wares. Shoppers visiting the swap meet can find virtually anything they may desire including hardware, tools, beef jerky, clothing, jewelry, golf equipment, cosmetics, crafts, home decor, antiques, health supplements, and so much more.
mesa market place swap meetBut Mesa Market Place is more than just a place to shop! Dropping by the swap meet can make for a fun afternoon with the family. The swap meet will always feature a cavalcade of live music from rock n’ roll cover bands to peruvian pan flute there is something for everybody to enjoy. Additionally, you won’t need to grab to lunch before visiting the swap meet as several small local businesses serve up fresh food from a wide variety of cultures.
Before visiting the swap meet be sure to checkout The website will often update shoppers with events and entertainment that will be featured at this week’s swap meet. The website also posts monthly coupons that can be used at various vendors in the week. The Mesa Market Place Swap Meet is the perfect place to spend the weekend and maybe buy a present for a loved one! Remember, Mother’s day and Father’s day are just around the corner.