Looking for fun activities to do with your little one for Valentine’s Day?  Your Mesa dental office  has compiled a list of crafts and activities that, with just a few simple materials, you ad your child can have a fun and creative Valentine’s Day this year!
Mesa dental office
Make Valentine’s Day cards
Helping your kids to make their own Valentine Cards is fun and rewarding, and of course the cards mean so much more to the recipient.  You can find and print designs that your child can color or cut and paste to her heart’s content!
Add a splash of color
Deck out your dining room in red, white, and pink with streamers and heart-shaped place mats made from construction paper.
Create a house of hearts
Hide a few construction-paper hearts all over the house for the kids to find. The one who finds the most wins a special V-day treat, like a new book.
Say “I love you.”
Go around the table and have everyone share five reasons they love each member of the family, or have them write down their lists beforehand and pass them out at dinner.
Make Candy Kabobs
These kabobs are really easy to make, and they can be adapted for any holiday or special occasion.  It’s perfect for a fun activity station and even the little ones can do it (with an adult’s help).
Here’s what you need:

  • Variety of soft/gummy themed candies
  • bamboo skewers
  • clear bags
  • ribbon

– Choose a variety of candies–usually 10 or so per skewer.
Insert candies onto the skewer, pressing the candies a little more than halfway down on the skewer, and alternate the sizes and types of candy.   Be careful with the bamboo skewers, the end is definitely really pointed! So, make sure you don’t poke yourself (and this of course, is what kids need the most help with).  Also, make sure that the skewer only gets inserted about halfway through the top candy (so that the skewer doesn’t poke out the top).
– Insert each kabob into a clear plastic bag (one shorter than the skewer is ideal) and tie off around the handle with a ribbon. That’s it!