Summertime is here, and your child is out of school for a couple months. If you want to get your kid away from the video games for at least a little while this summer, there are several summer camps in the Mesa area to get him up and moving. Here’s a look at a few of them.
The YMCA summer program gives your child a chance to have positive experiences and build confidence through age appropriate skill-building activities. Your child will spend some time outdoors and have a sense of achievement from attending the camps, whether they’re in a YMCA facility or an outdoor park or day camp site. Check out for more information.
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Boys and Girls clubs of the East Valley
The Summer Day Camps offered by the Boys and Girls clubs give your kids a safe and fun place to go and participate in activities while still remaining affordable to you. Each of the 12 different East Valley locations have unique programs and activities that are designed and supervised by their professional staff. The East Valley Summer Program includes field trips, swimming, reading programs, summer learning and youth sports. Your child will also receive a nutritious lunch while at the camp and breakfast and snacks are also included in some sites. For more information, go to
City of Mesa
The Mesa Parks and Recreation department also offers summer youth programs with many different areas of focus that accommodate many age levels. All of the city programs are staffed with professionally trained individuals who are experienced in child development and recreation programming. Programs range from nutrition learning and sports to music, crafts and engineering programs. There are several programs running all summer long. For more information and prerequisite information, look for the parks and recreation section at
With programs all over the East Valley, Arizona is a great place for your child to play and learn during the summer break!