3 Signs You May Need a Root Canal
While for some ailments or illnesses, managing symptoms at home is a wise choice, when it comes to root canals, calling your dentist to make an appointment is an important decision. So what are some signs that you may need a root canal?


If your tooth is persistently sensitive to extreme temperatures, pressure, and causing prolonged discomfort, then it is possible that any decay or injury has affected the tooth more severely. Consulting with your dentist on how to manage symptoms until your appointment can be helpful, but do call a dentist to be seen if prolonged sensitivity is the case, and you are experiencing discomfort frequently as a result.

Damaged or Decayed Tooth

If your tooth is broken or chipped, or if there is visible decay in conjunction with prolonged sensitivity, this is yet another sign that calling the dentist may be the best option to determine whether or not you need a root canal. Another sign of deep decay or injury could be discoloration. These cannot be solved with better or more diligent dental hygiene, but may need a root canal and or a crown.

Persistent Pain and/or Swelling

If you notice a bump or swelling on your gums around any painful or sensitive tooth, or one with visible decay or injury, you may be experiencing an infection or inflammation. If you are experiencing all 3 signs that you may need a root canal, call a dentist immediately to be seen.

Will a Root Canal Be Difficult for Me?

If you believe you may need a root canal but are anxious about discomfort or worried about the procedure, talk to a knowledgeable dentist who can answer your questions and help ease your mind. The truth is that you are more likely to experience discomfort if you do not see a dentist and get the treatment you need, than if you try to tough it out and avoid the dental office. Take care of yourself and your teeth and let us care for you.
Call our Mesa Dental Office to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.