It might surprise you how amazing those pearly whites of yours are in actuality. Although you use them every day to tackle breakfast, lunch & dinner, there are some amazing facts about your teeth that have likely flown under the radar.
How amazing are your teeth? We have some compelling evidence to share, see for yourself!facts about teeth

  1. Your enamel, the protective exterior surface of your teeth, is incredibly resilient. As a matter of fact, the enamel of your teeth is actually the toughest part of your body! It’s constantly working overtime to shield out tooth decay that can cause problems to the sensitive interior. Your enamel is one heck of a great body guard.
  2. Your teeth begin forming before you’re even born. Baby teeth, also known as ‘milk teeth’ begin developing in the womb, although they take some time to reappear. Most children don’t have their teeth sprout until they reach 6 – 12 months in age.
  3. Your teeth are just as original and unique to you as your fingerprints. No set of teeth is identical, a reason why dental records are often used for identification purposes. Be proud of your smile and take great care of it – there’s nothing else like it in the world!
  4. Your teeth have more in common with icebergs than you might have ever realized! 1/3 of each tooth sits below the gums, the area where the root attaches itself to your jaw. There’s really more than meets the eye when it comes to your teeth!
  5. A little bit of milk can literally save your tooth! Dental experts recommend placing a knocked-out tooth in a small container of milk. This helps the tooth survive longer and increases the chance your doctor will be able to salvage it during an emergency dental procedure.