crazy toothbrushesThere is a lot more variety to the everyday toothbrush than you might have ever anticipated. Today’s brush can do far more than simply cleaning your teeth – from giving you a boost of caffeine to timing your oral hygiene, here are some of the craziest toothbrushes in the world.

The Caffeinated Brush

In attempt to simplify the drudgery of the morning routine, Colgate is working on a brush that will gradually release caffeine as you brush. Crazy as it might sound, this style brush could also potentially release medication to sick individuals in the future – staying on top of your medication could be easier than ever.

The 3D Printed Brush

Gentlemen, start your teeth cleaning engines. This 3D printed toothbrush and its revolutionary design can actually clean your entire mouth in the span of six seconds. That’s one-minute and fifty-four-seconds shorter than it takes the average brush!

The Chewy Brush

It doesn’t take a steady hand to keep your teeth clean – you can simply chew your way to better oral health. Take a small piece of plastic that looks like it’s from an alien planet and gently chew your way to fresher breath and a clean smile. While it sure sounds cool, dentists don’t believe it to be a good substitute for regular brushes.

The Solar Powered Brush

How would you like to clean your teeth with the power of the sun? Requiring no toothpaste, this highly innovative brush reportedly cleans better than its traditional cousin. The brush triggers a chemical reaction that destroys plaque, leaving your mouth virtually spotless. The downside here is the brush is pretty expensive!

The Economical Brush

You can preserve your smile and the environment at the same time! Brushes like the ‘Scuba’ brush are made entirely of repurposed materials like rubber. The Scuba brush is also designed at 45-degree angle, ensuring the proper technique is used every time.