Flossing has always been one of the more difficult habits to create and keep up. In a recent survey, about 28% of people claim to floss their teeth daily. According to sales numbers of dental floss nationwide, far less than 28% are flossing daily. Since this is such a vital part of a healthy oral hygiene program, any way you can come up with to make the habit stick is a useful one. Here are some tips on how to make flossing more entertaining.

  • Watch Game of Thrones. Or Breaking Bad, or Orange is the New Black, or whichever show you’re currently hopelessly addicted to. sansa_smile
  • Practice your Tree Pose. Stick with it. This one takes a long time to get down, but if you can do it while you’re flossing, then you’ve achieved yogi status.
  • Hum Bohemian Rhapsody from start to finish. It’s a great song, and it’s a long one, so it should last through your flossing session. Just be careful when it comes to the headbanging part.
  • Read an eBook (or a regular book on a stand). The future is here. We no longer need to tie up our hands in order to enjoy the latest Stephen King, and if you have a tablet, most libraries have ebooks available for checking out just like you would with a regular book.
  • Breathe. Deep breathing releases stress and provides other noticeable health benefits for your mind and body. By using a focused breathing technique, you’re cleansing your teeth and your mind at the same time!

The most important aspect of flossing your teeth is that you actually floss your teeth. While brushing is important, it does not eliminate the plaque and particles on the inner surfaces of your teeth. Once a day is typically enough, and most people incorporate it into their “getting ready for bed” routine. By doing so, you make sure that your teeth are clean while you sleep, which is when saliva production drops, leaving your mouth more vulnerable to the acids that cause tooth decay.
If you’re new at integrating flossing into your daily routine, or you’re teaching your little one, then expect it to take a while and feel like more of a chore, which requires more of your attention in order to floss thoroughly without hurting your gums. Once you’ve got it, though, by all means, find any technique that helps you stick to the habit.