Dental Hygiene is more important now than ever as we stay home and stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking good care of your oral health can protect your dentist, your dental staff, and yourself by minimizing your need to see a dentist. Here are 10 important dental hygiene habits you can implement now to support your oral health at home!

1. Brush and Floss diligently, and properly.

Learning to correctly brush and floss can prevent urgent needs for care by minimizing risk for cavities and gum disease. Use a soft bristled brush to thoroughly brush your mouth at least 2 times daily, and follow up with a gentle and thorough flossing.

2. Go high tech

Part of brushing and flossing well can mean utilizing the tools available to improve your important dental hygiene habits. There are many available dental apps and even high tech toothbrushes that can help you be the best you can at brushing your teeth thoroughly and keeping your mouth clean and fresh!

3. Eat Healthy

Choosing foods that support dental health may impact your risk for cavities and keep your oral health at its best. Choose to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, cheese, yogurt, and nuts. Chocolate is also a good choice for the moments when you just need a quick treat! Drinking water often can help your mouth keep itself the cleanest it can be between brushing and flossing.

4. Avoid Damaging Food and Drink

Foods high in sugar, acid, and carbohydrates can affect your teeth and increase your risk for cavities. Avoid crackers, chips, and pretzels, and foods high in sugar like sticky candy, or acidic options like tomato sauces and citrus. Another one of those important dental hygiene habits, is to avoid soft drinks, energy drinks, and fruit juices. These foods and drinks can encourage plaque build up, and soften enamel.

5. Brush Smarter, Not Harder

Don’t brush your teeth directly after consuming foods high in acid or sugar. The enamel will already be softened by these foods and can experience more wear and tear by immediate brushing. Drink water directly after consuming these foods in small amounts. Wait an hour for enamel to harden and then brush gently and thoroughly to deter plaque build up.
Taking the time to encourage important dental hygiene habits now can help you in the long run, and be an important part of staying home and staying safe.
If you need to consult with a dentist during this time about your current dental care needs, call our Mesa dental office to talk with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.