Teaching your child important brushing habits is no easy task as a parent – in fact, you might feel like you’d have better success trying to herd a flock of cats. It takes a lot of patience but it is possible to instill great oral health qualities that last a lifetime. Here’s a little friendly advice to make your life a little easier.crazy toothbrushes
Many kids have short attention spans, they need to be distracted from menial tasks. Brushing your teeth every morning and night is well short of a day at the amusement park – sometimes you need to add a little fun into the mix.
One of the coolest ways to bring a little fun to the brushing game is through relying on a little bit of technology. If you have a smartphone, they’ve specifically designed apps to make brushing a more rewarding process for kids.
Parents will want to check out apps like Toothsavers Brushing Game and Time2Brush, both available for free in the app store. These games reward kids with unlockable stuff every time they brush – they need to earn their way to the top. It also ensures your child is brushing a proper amount of time every time they pick up the brush.
How else can you relay the importance of brushing? There’s probably no better way than setting the right example. Many kids emulate their parents’ behavior early on, so make brushing something you both do together.
When your child becomes a pro at nightly brushing, you can move on to even bigger challenges – getting them to floss. Part of what makes this so particularly challenging for most of us is the process is considered tedious, not an essential chore every night. Make it easy on your child and purchase cheap ready to use flossers designed for kids. Make sure to ask your dentist for even more advice in this department.