It’s fairly common knowledge that sugar can junk our teeth over time – is natural sugar any different? Let’s see if we can clear the air regarding this dental debate.natural sugars good for your teeth First of all, what is ‘natural’ sugar? Natural sugars are unrefined sugars, the type commonly found within some of our favorite foods – it’s why watermelon and strawberries taste so good.
Some people believe sugar that comes from natural sources is not nearly as destructive as processed sugars, but that’s not necessarily true. The makeup of sugar, even natural forms, can create major problems in our mouth when left unchecked.
The relationship between sugar and dental caries is rather complex. Dental caries, commonly known as cavities, are not directly caused by sugars – rather, what happens after sugars are introduced to the mouth. Sugar that coats our teeth eventually develops into the bio-film we know as plaque. Plaque, when left untreated, creates a corrosive reaction, releasing acids that gradually wear down our protective enamel.
Plaque is especially heinous within those trouble areas of the mouth – cavities and decay commonly develop in hard to reach spaces. This is why it’s especially important to add routine dental care to your routine, in addition to brushing twice a day and flossing.
Want to prevent dental caries from wreaking havoc on your teeth? It all begins with your diet. Avoiding sugary foods and brushing immediately after you consume them can help tremendously – prolonged contact with sugar throughout the day is where the trouble lies.
For more information on creating your healthy diet, there are plenty of great health resources to check out – start with the Help Guide.  Remember: in addition to a healthy diet, see your dentist no less than every six months! Contact your Mesa dentist today and schedule your next appointment.