Here is a health related riddle for you: You sit down to a freshly cooked meal from the comfort of home – beautifully grilled steak and buttery corn on the cob, coated in a lovely bit of smoked paprika. You consume it all in a ravenous fit of hunger, you were wise enough to save your appetite for distinctly this – this heavenly token of the barbecue. Later that night, you brush your teeth and have a glass of water before going to sleep. 

So … what’s wrong with this picture? Can you guess? You forgot to floss! Not to be too judgmental here but, wow, even after eating steak & corn! You’re really living on the edge, aren’t you?
Look, it’s okay – we just need to chat. You’re really not very serious about flossing, and that’s okay … but it won’t be if you don’t change your tune while you’re young. I know, I know, it’s a hassle – you’re tired and want to hit the sheets and brushing your teeth is just one more obstacle, but trust me – the anonymous guy writing this article – you need to floss.
You’ve probably been using your toothbrush as a one-man-band for awhile, but it’s important to realize that he (or she, we’re progressive around here) can’t do it all alone. There are little valleys, cracks and pockets where nasty bacteria we know as plaque just love to hide – flossing is the only way to send them packing.
Flossing after a big meal is a great idea but it won’t do you any favor if it happens once in a blue moon. Make sure you’re flossing every single night so you don’t develop health complications like gum disease – trust me, this is one condition you’d rather not have!
Get back in the flossing game and see your Mesa family dentist!