For one reason or another, going to the dentist is one of the biggest fears most Americans seem to have. Whether it’s the loud buzzing of dental machinery, the weird or sometimes awkward positioning people may find themselves in on the dental chair, or maybe just the overall act of getting your teeth cleaned, a large percentage of all children and adults have dental anxiety.
Here at Rauch Family Dentistry, we want you and your family to be as comfortable as possible when visiting our office, so we decided to make a list of easy ways to help you overcome dental anxiety. Take a look and enjoy!

Make a preliminary appointment

This trick is especially great for your young ones… Before your actual appointment, it’s a great idea to schedule a preliminary appointment for you and/or your child to come to our office to simply check out the space. You should take this time to meet with the staff and possibly even voice your concerns about your upcoming appointment so a dentist or dental technician can walk you through the process step by step.

Bring a friend or family member

One of the easiest ways to make yourself more comfortable during a dental visit is by bringing someone you’re close with. This person can either wait with you in the lobby or possibly join you during the visit depending on the operation and dentist. Your friend or family member can help you stay calm by helping you breathe regularly, talking to you, and even holding your hand throughout the process.

Bring earplugs or headphones

One of the biggest sources of dental anxiety is the noise factor. The easiest way to combat the loud and sometimes annoying noises heard during a dental procedure is by bringing earplugs or headphones that you can plug into your mp3 player or phone to listen to music. By drowning out the noise, you may be able to overcome your dental anxiety.
For more information on overcoming dental anxiety or to make an appointment, contact us today!