How familiar are you with tooth enamel? You may know it’s a component of a healthy smile, but giving yourself a better overview can actually help you preserve it. Take a little journey into the world of encyclopedia with your good friends at Rauch Family Dentistry!
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Tooth enamel is described as the coating along every single one of your teeth. Its purpose is to protect them from being damaged, and it does a pretty good job, too. Your natural enamel is known as the toughest part of the body, capable of withstanding great pressure.
Anytime you chew food your enamel protects your teeth from receiving damage. Throughout the majority of cases, your enamel is strong enough to withstand constant grinding and the pressure of biting.
Your enamel is also adept at protecting the nerves in your teeth. Some people might experience sensitivity to hot or cold food & beverage, but the enamel actually does an amazing job to insulate the entire tooth so there’s less discomfort experienced.
Tooth decay specifically refers to the loss of enamel. As bacteria in plaque begin to erode our natural enamel, it degrades the integrity of our natural enamel – something that opens the door to cavities. A weakened enamel caused by decay can lead to tooth fracturing and other dental problems.
Natural minerals within your enamel are lost every time they are exposed to plaque. The only way to restore this loss is through brushing regularly, visiting your dentist for cleanings regularly and receiving fluoride treatments.
Your dentist will recommend a variety of treatment options if there’s evidence of decay in your mouth. The option that works best for you will ultimately depend on what degree of loss your enamel is experiencing. For more information, schedule an appointment with your Mesa dentist and help preserve the natural protective surface of your teeth!