A lot of people experience the very unfortunate moment – you’re on your morning jog and you trip on an uneven cement. BAM! you fall, and on along with the overall pain of the trip, you chip your tooth. It can be a shocking and scary moment for most. So, what do you do in this moment? Here are some steps you should follow if you have chipped or broken your tooth.

  1. broken or chipped toothCollect any fragments that may have broken off your tooth. If you have any pieces of your tooth available to save, you should. These pieces might be able to be reattached by your dentist through bonding.
  2. Rinse with warm water. You should clean your mouth out quickly with some warm water to kill any potential infections or germs that may have come from the injury.
  3. Stop the bleeding. If you are bleeding at the gums, tongue, lips, or cheeks, you will want to stop the bleeding. After rinsing your mouth, apply a paper towel or piece of gauze to the area with slight pressure. Hold the absorbent material there until you are confident the bleeding is under control.
  4. Call your dentist. Rauch Family Dentistry offers emergency dental beyond normal hours. If you have experienced a dental emergency such as a broken or chipped tooth, Rauch Family Dentistry is there to treat you after regular business hours. Give us a call to make an appointment and discuss your options with your chipped tooth. With most injuries of this sort, it is important to see a dentist within 12 hours of the injury.

Chipping or breaking a tooth is not a pleasant experience by any means. However, Rauch Family Dentistry aims to make even the unexpected dental procedures as successful and comfortable as possible. If you have experienced a chipped tooth, broken tooth, or any other dental emergency, give your Rauch dentist a call immediately.