back-to-school shopping statistics 2014
With summer (almost) over, it’s time to start preparing for another year at school — which means a hefty shopping list for parents. From pens and pencils to backpacks and binders, parents are getting ready to spend some pretty big bucks to get their children ready for the 2014-2015 school year.
We decided to put a list of facts about back-to-school shopping so you can put your shopping spree in perspective!
1. 25% of all back-to-school shoppers are planning on shopping or have already shopped for their school supplies and clothing via online merchants.
2. 12 million children ages 5 to 17 spoke another language at home (in 2012). 8.6 million of those children spoke Spanish.
3. Online sales are expected to almost triple since last year’s 5.9% at a whopping 16% growth rate during the third quarter of 2014.
4. An estimated $8.6 billion was spent at family clothing stores around the country in preparation of the 2013 school year, while bookstore sales were estimated at $1.6 billion.
5. 26.4% of the United States population was enrolled in the 2012 school year, which equates to 78 million adults and children, from nursery school to college.
6. According to the National Retail Federation, nearly 24% of families will begin shopping for their K-12 student up to two months before school begins.
7. 60.4% of back-to-school shoppers are expected to shop at discount stores, while the same are expected to shop at department stores.
8. College students are expected to spend the most of their back-to-school budget on electronics, followed by accessories, furnishing, and lastly food items.
9. In 2012, 25% of all students in elementary through high school had at least one foreign-born parent.
10. 20% of online back-to-school shoppers claim that advertisements/coupons/specials were influential in their purchasing decision.
All information provided by the US Census Bureau, PFSWeb, The National Retail Federation, and the US Department of Commerce. For more information and facts about back-to-school shopping, click here.