Nothing puts your oral on track quite the way a regular cleaning can. For a limited time only, this all essential dental procedure is only $25 through Rauch Family Dentistry, for new patients only. There’s never been a better time to procure your clean bill of dental health.
If it’s been awhile since your last dental cleaning, you may not remember the details of the procedure – allow us to bring you up to speed!
Your oral health revolves around a commitment to your brushing & flossing routine and regular checkups from your dentist, at least every six months. Have you ever wondered why these visits are necessary if you’re taking great care of your teeth? There are certain ways to clean teeth only your dentist can provide in a routine cleaning.
We wouldn’t wish gum disease on anybody! Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease is developed as the sticky biofilm we know as ‘plaque’ continues to corrode our teeth. Advanced forms of the disease can create more significant health complications later in life – prevention is the key.
Despite our best efforts, we can’t always remove plaque from our teeth. A dentist will step in and finish the job our toothbrushes and floss began. Your average dental cleaning usually involves a few simple steps.
Your dentist will begin the process by using a tool called a scaler. The scaler is used in small areas tartar deposits are found, gently scraping them. Modern scaling is accomplished with an electronic device that sends short vibrations, and the debris are washed away with water.
After tartar buildup has been dealt with, a protective polish will be applied to the teeth. A handheld tool with a spinning head is used to coat the teeth with a slightly abrasive paste. This polish will help remove minor stains and make surfaces more even.
Finally, fluoride is provided to help strengthen the enamel of your teeth. Building up the enamel helps protect it from decay by making the exterior better resistant to plaque.
If you are a new patient, take advantage of our regular cleaning special today! Contact us and schedule your appointment.