We’ve heard them all! When you have been in dentistry as long as we have there aren’t many jokes that we haven’t heard either from other dentist or from the patients who sit in our chairs. Here are some the best dental jokes and humor that he have heard over the years.

David after the Dentist

Perhaps the best example of how anesthetic can make a person loopy. David after the dentist has over 124 million views on YouTube but we are still laughing at it to this day! Is this real life

Some Good One Liners

Q: What does the dentist of the year get?
A: A little plaque
Q: When do most people visit the dentist?
A: At tooth-hurty!
Q: What did the dentist say to Tiger Woods?
A: You have a hole in one
Q: What did the werewolf eat after he’d had his teeth taken out?
A: The dentist!

Some Funny Comics