The animal kingdom is full of strange and interesting creatures that boggle the minds of both kids and adults. Here’s a list of facts about the world’s animals with the most amazing abilities.
Turritopsis Nutricula Jellyfish
turritopsis nutricula jellyfishThis special jellyfish has the amazing ability to turn back the clock and revert back to its larval form, basically starting its life cycle over again, making them practically immortal.
Axolotl Salamanders
axolotl salamander This little guy is a neotenous salamander, which means it stays in larval form even after reaching maturity. Because of that, it has super healing powers. When it’s injured, the process of healing begins, and in the case of a lost limb, new blood vessels, muscle, bone and nerves are regenerated until a brand new limb is in place. This process takes just a few months.
Pistol Shrimp
pistol shrimpBy snapping it’s massive claw shut, the pistol shrimp can produce a bubble that stuns or kills its prey. The cavitation bubble that shoots out can travel up to 60 mph and produce a sound that reaches about 218 decibels (the human eardrum ruptures at about 160 decibels). The bubble is also about as hot as the surface of the sun.
TardigradesAlso known as water bears, these tiny eight-legged creatures can withstand the most extreme environments, such as temperatures just above absolute zero to well above the boiling point of water. They can also survive in extremely pressurized environments and are the first known animal that can survive in the vacuum of outer space.
Sea Cucumbers
Sea CucumbersFound on the ocean floor all over the world, this unique creature has the ability to fit through small spaces by turning its body into liquid form and then back to solid form again.
Ninja Slugs
ninja slugIn order to land a date, the ninja slug shoots “love-darts” into potential mates made of calcium carbonate. The darts are tipped with hormones specially designed to evoke an amorous response and increase the chances of reproduction.
Nature is full of amazing surprises. Animals have come up with the most creative and interesting ways to survive in the wild. For info on more strange and bizarre creatures, go to National Geographic’s website.
*Ninja slug photo courtesy of National Geographic